dyeing with marigolds!

This weekend I got to play around with marigold dyeing for the second time. It's truly incredible to dye something you (and my parents) have been growing throughout the summer turn into dyed cloth. It was also equally amazing how rich and vibrant the yellow color was, especially coming from just a little flower.

I made quite a few fabric samples all mordanted in alum. We used silk habotai, cotton gauze, bleached and unbleached linen, and some cotton poplin. Each had it's own very special variation of yellow. 

The photo to the bottom left shows my first time experimenting with marigolds. The left fabrics were mordanted with iron and the right were with alum. We used cotton sheeting, silk habotai, bleached linen, and wool gauze. 

I can't wait to get in some more fabrics and start incorporating these beautiful marigold yellows and greens into some products! 

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Swatches, swatches & more swatches!

When people ask me about my process and about how I come up with ideas for color combos, designs, and techniques, I always tell them the same thing...SWATCHES!

I'm a firm believer in testing out your dyes and techniques with as many swatches as you possibly can.

The best tool a dyer can have is a detailed swatch book of all the colors, materials, and recipes used.

It is incredibly useful for me to look through my book, see what colors I can make, and what colors look great together. It makes for an easy way to recreate colors as well as a full documentation of what you have achieved. Because I think dyeing any color is a massive achievement worth celebrating! 

"Swatch twice, dye once!" --Maybe that should be a new dyer's motto.

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